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Move Pilates is a beautiful Pilates Studio in Bend, Oregon instructing Pilates classes and private sessions that are the finest mind-body pilates classes in Bend Oregon's community.  At Move, we offer personalized fitness sessions led by our qualified and friendly instructors and a flexible schedule to best accommodate our clients needs. Our instructor-client ratio stays small to ensure each client has focused attention and detailed instruction to keep them safe and challenged. Our goal is to keep you active and strong for the rest of your life!

Our group Pilates classes are limited to 5 students and include the use of Pilates reformers, Wunda Chairs, and Step Barrels. Most classes also incorporate some Pilates mat for the warm-up. The studio is equipped with top of the line Balanced Body Pilates equipment. At Move, we are confident you will have an positive fitness experience in a safe environment with qualified instructors who conduct sessions with the highest standards and guidelines inside our field of expertise.

At Move, we do more than Pilates classes; we re-educate your body on how to function optimally in all you do. You will learn the anatomy and muscle balance necessary for activity. Proper body mechanics, functional strength, enhanced athletic performance, body awareness, core control, and much more. Learn how to integrate the breath with the body, then your mind with movement. 

Come in to find the right session for you, whatever your fitness level, wherever your body is right now. Your commitment to improving your body and your life will be rewarded by positive changes that you can see and feel.  


Whether you recently moved to Bend, Oregon, are visiting or a longtime Bendite, you are welcome to come join our Move Pilates community!  Email or call us today to set up your first session with one our friendly instructors to meet the studio and find the right fit for your goals. Our beautiful studio is conveniently located in Mill Quarter, between the Old Mill and Downtown Bend. 


Pilates Equipment Classes and Private Sessions in Bend, Oregon designed to move you.

Private, Duet & Group
Pilates Bend Oregon in Pilates Studio, Pilates Private Sessions


Are you new to Pilates or have very specific goals you would like to work toward? At Move, we offer highly individualized one on one training to meet your fitness goals. Private sessions are where we highly recommend every client with specific goals starts working with us.

Pilates in Bend Oregon Pilates Studio, Pilates Reformer classes


A group class will give you all the benefits of a mat class plus it will also include the alignment and balance that come from using the various piece of Pilates Equipment. The Pilates equipment is designed to give you a total body workout using a spring based system. Our classes are limited to 5 students. 

Pilates Bend Oregon in Pilates Studio, Pilates Duet Sessions at Move - Pilates and More


Sometimes working out with a friend, partner or family member is more fun and motivating. This class will allow you and someone else to work out together using mats, props and Pilates equipment. With your needs and goals as the priority, we will increase your muscle definition, flexibility, balance and whole body wellness.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I was diagnosed with cancer recently, and I was limited with the amount of exercise I was able to do. I had a hard time keeping my strength up. Kel helped ease me into Pilates and helped me work out at a level that was healthy. She worked really hard to find the right way to make it beneficial. She's patient and encouraging and knows the ins and outs of every move so she could help my body where it needed it the most. Pilates was a great way to build up strength without tiring my body out too much. Kel helped me do that. I was amazed at how great it made me feel. I'm thankful to have found her." Katie, age 30


I have been doing pilates for the last year with Me'kelle and have nothing but good things to say! I was a little hesitant at first being a guy but after reading about the benefits of pilates in articles from professional athletes and chatting with Me'kelle in our initial consultation my worries were put at ease.

I highly recommend Me'kelle and Move Pilates!


First of all, I own and operate a window and blind cleaning company here in Bend and with that comes al sorts of unnatural body contortions and movements. After seeing a few physical therapists about my knees in back, I was told about the benefits that Pilates could offer. Pilates has helped me strengthen my core, knees and control my body's movements.

Me'kelle is sensitive of your abilities and will help you get the basics/form down before she moves you to more intermediate excercises. If you didn't think Pilates could give you a work out, think again! This is a great way to strengthen your body and mind, while being in a nice setting in the Old Mill district.


"Pilates allows me to quiet my mind and focus internally on what I am doing and what my body is experiencing in the moment. Pilates has been great for me; while pregnant I've been able to stay strong while putting minimal impact on my joints and body. I've noticed increased strength in my core and many other small muscles my legs and around my knees that I don’t normally focus on or strengthen on a daily basis. I've found a new love for the art of Pilates and I look forward to continuing to practice it. Me'kelle has been a fabulous instructor throughout my training. She is focused, great at guiding me through each exercise, very encouraging, and amazingly kind."



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