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Studio Owner

Renee has been an ardent Yoga and Pilates student for more than 20 years. She completed her comprehensive Pilates training with a student of both Stott and Romana Kryanowska's program.   Renee's training is both classical and contemporary. She trains private clients, teaches group classes and works with all levels of fitness and ability making Pilates approachable for everyone.  Renee comes from a technology and finance background that over the years weighed on her body, mind and spirit.  She was also in a car accident that increased a scoliotic curve. Through Pilates, she regained strength, flexibility and peace of mind.  She is passionate about sharing what she has learned and her experience of the life changing benefits of Pilates.



Pilates Instructor

Natalie came to Pilates as a professional dancer in 1978. She first trained in Los Angeles and  received a certification through the Physical Mind Institute and Balanced Body. She owned three studios in Los Angeles before moving to Northern California. Trained in Classical Pilates, she has continued to grow and learn new techniques and ways of expanding her knowledge so that she can challenge herself and her clients. She trains private clients as well as group classes and loves working with all levels of fitness.