The Move Team

Bend Oregon Pilates and Barre Instructor Megan Isola


Studio Owner,

Pilates and Barre Instructor, PMA-CPT

Megan holds a comprehensive Pilates certification from Polestar Pilates and is also a PMA certified teacher. She has studied extensively both as a student and teacher since 2003, gaining the knowledge and technique to develop her own unique teaching style. Her instruction is a creative blend of both classical and contemporary Pilates while still upholding the
integrity of Joseph Pilates' original work.



Pilates Instructor

Natalie came to Pilates as a professional dancer in 1978. She first trained in Los Angeles and  received a certification through the Physical Mind Institute and Balanced Body. She owned three studios in Los Angeles before moving to Northern California. Trained in Classical Pilates, she has continued to grow and learn new techniques and ways of expanding her knowledge so that she can challenge herself and her clients. She trains private clients as well as group classes and loves working with all levels of fitness.

Carrie Brostek Yoga Instructor Bend Oregon


Pilates and RYT

Yoga Instructor

Carrie has been teaching for nearly 18 years and has an extensive background in practicing and teaching many forms of movement while creating effective programs for all fitness levels and abilities. She has been an avid practitioner of Pilates for almost a decade and holds a comprehensive Pilates certification from BASI. She is passionate about continuing education as both a student and instructor through the in-depth study of human anatomy and biomechanics to better meet the specific needs of her clients. Carrie also holds ACE Personal Training, ACE Group Fitness, and RYT 200 Yoga certifications.

Renee Headshot.jpeg


Pilates Instructor

Renee has been an ardent Yoga and Pilates student for many years, and she is completing her comprehensive Pilates training through Club Pilates the first part of 2021.  She has been teaching Pilates for more than a year but has been a student for a decade.  Her training is both classical and contemporary, and she trains private clients as well as group classes and works with all levels of fitness and ability.  Renee comes from a corporate background that over the years weighed on her body, mind and spirit.  Through Pilates, she has regained strength, flexibility and peace of mind.  She is passionate about sharing what she has learned and her experience of the life changing benefits of Pilates with others.

Jacqueline Headshot.JPG



Jacqueline was first introduced 

to Pilates in 1993 by her aunt who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis; the holistic approach and practice of the Pilates repertoire eased some of the symptoms she was experiencing.  As a young dancer who trained extensively in ballet, Contemporary, and release technique she noticed many similarities in the pedagogy and principles of Pilates and dance. 


 Her dance career eventually beckoned her out west where she began to study Contact Improvisation, somatic education, the expressive arts, and movement therapy. Her performing profession was put on pause in 2007 when she was in a bike accident leaving her immobile. With no health insurance, she had to rely on her own resources, will, and body intelligence to recover. 


Being a professional dancer, aching to perform again, Jacqueline remembered the movement progression her aunt had experienced and found herself turning to Pilates for her own healing and rehabilitation. She sought out Ellie Herman in San Francisco where she began a journey towards a new calling. 


Jacqueline received her Pilates certification from Body Arts and Science International, (BASI) in 2008.  She began performing again, and in 2009 she was invited by Marina Abramovic to perform in her seminal work, The Artist is Present at the MoMA in NYC.  This year, she will begin pursing her Masters of Arts in Dance Movement Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. 


With a focus on movement analysis, and developmental movement patterns her style of teaching grew with a deeper sense of the soma-psyche intelligence, including sensitivity around trauma-informed movement re-patterning that remain client focused.