What Pilates can really do for your mind

The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit. ~Joseph Pilates

We all know that mindful movement and meditation relieve stress and calm us, but did you know that Pilates can alter the way your brain and body communicate?

Increase concentration:

Pilates is a learned skill. It requires us to draw inward to engage into the exercise cues to connect with muscles that are not often used in isolation on purpose. As any other skill, repetition and concentration are required to increase your ability. Practicing concentration is a skill as well and exercises the brain.

Stress Relief:

There have been countless studies connecting exercise to lower levels of coritsol. Challenging the body and focusing in on what the body is doing in the current task allows us to let go of the lack of control we may be feeling outside of the body. Exercise releases endorphins in our brain, which makes us relax and feel happy. The essential breath focus in pilates is a necessary tool to letting go of stress held in the body as well. A challenging pilates class will get your heart pumping, breathe going and those happy endorphins flowing!

Better Sleep:

With the release of stress and anxiety, Pilates calms the brain to set the stage for better sleep. More sleep leads to a better mood and more motivation, which then leads to more energy.

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